About Account Me In

Our business is to save your business time, stress and money!

As business people ourselves, we know how stressful accounting can be. The deadlines, the time spent working everything out to comply with all the legalities, the tax returns etc. All this can be mind-boggling and frankly a bit of a headache!  This is why we have come up with the Easy System.

The Easy System

Our Easy System is an innovative and simple way of servicing our clients in their day to day accounting needs.  We believe that our eleven years experience working with SMEs gave us a great insight into what our clients need the most.  We know well that time, money and a stress-free life is what they need.  The Easy System is a revolutionary paperless accounting system which aimed to give you a real-time accounting experience and assist you to crate a true life and work balance.  No More!

  • Shoe boxes full of receipts
  • The nightmares of record keeping
  • The wasted journies, time and money  to your accountant with a piles of documents.
  •  The unnecessary postages costs
  • Costs of stationeries or fees to get your bank statements
  • No more worrying about loss of data, it is saved in cloud space automatically.
  • No longer waiting  for your accountants to receive the financial reports, you can access them whenever you like.

What you get with the Easy system

  • Access to cloud based Accountancy software and a personal accountant
  • Accounts, taxation, VAT and personal tax returns and advice
  • Training on how to use the system
  • A real time accounting information and reports
  • Inclusive Sage One or Xero software
  • VAT and PAYE online submission to HMRC
  • Online invoice generation, to get paid faster
  • Easy formats of reports and financial documentation
  • Full support from us



Our business model is simple:



Just upload your receipts, suppliers invoices  and bank statements  on to our cloud based accounting software.


Login to raise sales invoices, look up your business overheads ,other costs and real time financial statements.


Receive our expert reviews and advice on a monthly basis either by telephone or email.


With The Easy System, everything is plain and simple, with no extra costs or hidden fees. We are the only accountants in Camden who are able to spread the yearly costs over the twelve months of instalments so that our customers will benefit from evenly distributed small fees and enhanced cash flow.
The Easy System prices start from £21per month for the self-employed and £50 per month for limited companies.

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