When can I join up to The Easy System?

There is no time limit to join The Easy System. We are proud to say that we are the only accountancy firm in Camden that offers combined bookkeeping and accountancy services together. You can sign up with us whenever you wish, that  could be at the start of  the year, in the middle of the year or toward the end of the accounting period etc. All you need to do is open up  “sign up” page and follow the simple process. Although there are no restrictions with regards to when you sign up you should be aware that as we begin to process your bookkeeping from the start of your financial year , similarly we will backdate our payment to the commencement period of your accounting year. For example if you sign up in June but your financial year begins in April your first payment will be 3 times the monthly cost to cover the months of April, May and June.

Will there be someone I could communicate with , if I need to?

Yes, The Easy System bundle allows you to have a designated accountant who deals with your accounts and a direct contact point whenever you require to talk to us concerning your financial affairs with no additional fee. It is part and parcel of the agreed fixed fee.

How often do I have to send paperwork over?

You can send us your paperwork as often as you like,  as long as you give us a reasonable time that allow us to meet a critical deadlines.  For example, we would like you to send us all the relevant documents at least three weeks in advance if your VAT is due at the end of that particular month.

How can our prices be so low?

We have engaged in servicing small businesses for over a decade, we well know well what it takes to provide an effective, efficient and economical service. It is  all down to being well organised, introducing a sound plan of action  and good time management. So the better organised your accounts are, the easier our job is and since we offer a monthly service we ensure your accounts are perfect.  We also feel that a good accountancy service should be attainable to all businesses so you could just say we are also really nice people!

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